Day 38 – November 2nd

    To 1 million

    Titles are hard haha. I can’t seem to think of good titles.

    I’ve finished listening to the audiobook on time management. It didn’t really talk about how to keep strict time schedules but rather how to be in control of your life by changing your attitude on time management. It talked alot about enjoying life and living in the moment. Of course, to its credit, it drew a line of what’s living in the moment and what’s plain recklessness.

    From the book, my main takeaway was everything I was struggling with and realized is: one, something everyone goes through, and two, the way to overcome it is simple, grit and small steps. One tool the book mentioned that I haven’t done is creating a “done list,” a term I’ll coin here to describe a listing of what I’ve done today, instead of a to-do list. This will let me know what I’ve done today to feel that everyday I’m inching forward. (I would need to re-listen to the audiobook since I wasn’t fully listening when they were talking about this part.

    Today Earned: $125.40

    Total Earned: $1,570.71

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