Day 37 – November 1st

    To 1 million

    Halloween passed by fast. I went to work and played a game with my friend “The Quarry.” Great game. Too great that I hated great the suspense and psychological horror it provided.

    Today though, I did absolutely nothing.

    I didn’t even leave the house. I just ate, gamed, watched videos, and fapped. Meeting was canceled too so it was a great time I had to myself. I did have a thought though, that came to my mind as I was browsing the web. I want to go to Japan. I was checking the flight ticket prices and it was less than $500! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. For a 2 weeks trip, I guess-timated it’d cost around $2k. Worth or not? I’m still debating. But I did find that it’s possible for me to get out.

    Today Earned: 0

    Total Earned: $1,445.31

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