Day 45 – November 9

    To 1 million

    Had some costco pizza and hot dog before work. I was lured by soundbar demo so spent around an hour just browsing through various soundbars. Almost bought the Samsung soundbar but I withheld myself.

    Work was shit. I complained about the hours. Trying to get a new job asap.

    Tomorrow, I’ll have a free day, so I want to use it wisely. I need to get back to my rhythm because I have been getting poor sleep with unbalanced meals and bad work habits sprawling up again. I’ll start the morning with a quick workout. Then, make a healthy smoothie with kale and berries. Followed by some cooking and cleaning up the house. I’m hoping I’ll get all this done by 12 so I would need to start my day at 8am. Afterwards, I’ll go to Panera for some soda and head to the library afterwards. I need to finish my drawing homework, web dev, and machine learning. I’ll work on web dev first. Draw when I get back home. Machine learning would have to be some time in between or not today all together.

    Today Earned: $110.60

    -$4 costco pizza slice and hot dog

    $114.60 work

    Total Earned: $1,692.81

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