Day 44 – Innovation

    To 1 million

    Sorry for missing the last few days. Friday, I visited the Norton Simon Museum to take advantage of the first Friday free ticket. Then, Saturday, I went to Universal Studios thanks to my brother. Sunday, I took a break. Monday, back to work. Tuesday, I just didn’t do $#@!, which brings us to today, which was nearly the same deal except I went to the library at 5pm.

    Other than that, I’ve finally progressed after more than a month to read the million in 12 months book. But then was hit at work that my hours will be decreased significantly. I may need to find new work.

    I had a meeting with the professor. He was suggesting a paper idea when I asked him a question, “is this novel?” He gracefully answered and helped me understand that innovation is in small increments. If we are able to advance the root of an idea to grow an inch. That is novel. Until we have a fully grown tree with many leaves, we should nurture it and advance it. That’s how number of citing are determined as well. If the paper is the root of an idea, it will gain many cites. Otherwise, the paper would need to be part of a branch with state-of-the-art results.

    Today Earned: $11.50

    -$54 fix bike rear wheel flat

    -$16 food at local Pilipino market

    -$6.60 burger king

    $93.60 Monday work

    -$5.50 boba

    Total Earned: $1,582.21

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