Day 48 – November 13

    To 1 million

    Workday today. Talked with the owner about my schedule. Turns out he had a bad mood. When I was just listening to him give me “advice,” I took it for what it was. The advice essentially was to blame myself for getting a shitty schedule and to work harder. I thought he was saying that because he heard something from others that I didn’t hear. After talking with my manager, I soon realized that he didn’t know anything and was just trying to pin it on me and avoid solving my problem because he was in a bad mood and didn’t care.

    I worked out in the morning and went to costco for food and gas.

    Today Earned: $97.39

    -$4 costco hot dog and pizza

    $101.39 work

    -$100 gas

    Total Earned: $1,688.20

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