Day 13 – Hypocracy

    To 1 million

    Funny how my last blog was titled work ethics, but I didn’t write for 2 days. Friday was brutal for me. Worked 7 hours and was dead tired. Saturday, I went to my art class and had to finish homework. Today, worked some more! It is impossible to get to my bed time at 10pm with work so I need to come up with a new time. The book “12 months to $1 million” has arrived. I’ve only gotten through the introduction. But to keep the timeline simple, October 2023 will be my first month into the project. I need to remind myself that work is for current money. But what I really need to do is focus on my morning times to workout and study. I’ll make it my 0th priority to get to library by 9am. (Skipping workout just to make it easier to accomplish.)

    I’ll be posting tomorrow to let you guys know how I do.

    Today Earned: $116.64

    Total Earned: $504.47

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