Day 14 – New worker

    To 1 million

    New worker was hired today. Manager seems to regret the choice a little bit lol. But he seems nice. Very new to serving so it will take some time for him to learn the ins and outs.

    I didn’t manage to get to the library at 9am today. I did manage to get there at 11am. Although I was 2 hours late, I thought it’d be better to get there not tired and forcibly since the main purpose is to study. I needed to make sure that I will be able to concentrate and not starve for few hours. That being said, I could’ve gotten there by 10am if I tried my best.

    At the library, I was working with Auth0. I only connected it to the app. Next step will be to get it fully functional. I worry, however, that I won’t be able to get data I want with Auth0 since it’s only API specializing in oauth2.0 protocol. I’ll find out more next time. Tomorrow, knowing 9am is a bit hard without food, I’ll set my goal to 10am!

    Talk to you guys tomorrow.

    Today Earned: $102.29

    Spent: $13 at Burger King

    Total Earned: $593.76

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