Day 10 – Work Ethic

    To 1 million

    I wasn’t able to upload yesterday. Talked with my professor and learned that it is truly rare for people to “love” what they do. He likes what he does but at the same time found that most of what he has to do very laborious and arduous. The reason he works for 12 hours a day is because he wants to accomplish something. I’ve read up on people that works like this, but I thought it was because they loved to work. Somehow, I found comfort in knowing this. At the same time, I need to work harder.

    After many missed attempts at working out in the morning, finally managed to do so. After looking at the past 2 months, I’ve noticed that I’ve been going only once or twice a week. Not good. It feels like I’m getting weaker or staying the same, in either case, I need to come frequently.

    Work, today, was exhausting. I don’t know how to work smart. In other words, fuck around until managers are judging me, like the others do. I do realize that I need to slow down my work pace though, or else I would make more mistakes that essentially cancels out the silent work I’ve been doing to “guy-who-sucks-at-work.” (Not a good title).

    Today Earned: $90

    Total Earned: $274.83

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