To 1 million

    Went to a job interview at Din Tai Fung. Met the general manager but it just asked some generic questions and not much else. No emotions, no conversation, just click clack on the keyboards after he read off his questions.

    Afterwards, I went to the library to get as little as 20 minutes of reading. I could have had more time, but I didn’t want to get out of the house until the last minute. Since I still got some reading done, I’ll consider it a win still. :p

    Went to work right afterwards. I try to make most of my travels with my e-bike I got earlier this year. Halfway through the trip, battery died on me and had to pedal and walk up the last 10 minutes of the hill.

    New people, new chemistry. Nothing special. Just work and work some more. Made a few mistakes but nothing terrible. However, the fun came afterwards when we were closing. Just got to sit with one of the managers and talk. He was always the type to act funny and say stupid stuffs, but I’ve also noticed that he works like no other as well. Tonight, I got to hear his history and learn a little about how he ticks. He told me he’s tired of working in the food industry. It drove him crazy. As his age ring around his eyes showed, he held a lot of wisdom from working in the tough, tough world of food industry and dealing with its politics, customers, and workers. He wasn’t just the crazy guy that goofs around all the time.

    He told me that he puts on a show during work. And when he goes home doesn’t talk much. This made me wonder if the conversation we were having was just an another show in the restaurant or not. Regardless it was a fun conversation.

    Today Earned: $126.60

    Total Earned: $184.83

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