Day 7 – Money or Vision?

    To 1 million

    Dropped off my friend that came to visit after working out. As an introvert, have to admit it was bit too long for me to enjoy. And for someone who’s trying to make and save money, I didn’t particularly enjoy having conversations about him being able to afford bicycles and watches. Being constantly asked between bikes with $600 difference and when I bring up money as a factor, would be dismissed by being told that money is no issue, all this while not paying for a single meal or gas together for 4 days. I don’t like myself taking mental notes of this knowing he is a good friend. While I enjoy hosting and treating guests well, having money as an issue did bring these “actions” (or inactions) more exposed to the light. Still, talking to people in real life brings in a different joy compared to talking with them on the phone.

    After I dropped him off, I cut my hair and took in the time alone only to be followed up by work. Work that is not fun in the slightest, both mind-numbing and back-aching. Only strengthens my desire to succeed.

    However, with those thoughts on my mind, I listened to a new biography on Elon Musk on my bike ride back home. When I arrived, I was listening to how Elon was starting SpaceX being asked by his colleague from PayPal, how was he going to make money building rockets to send to Mars? Elon didn’t have an answer to this question but had a belief that he would find out while he pursued his vision to send rockets and eventually people to mars. Making me doubt my desire to succeed. Is it success I should crave for? Or a vision, much bigger than me, without money in mind?

    I can’t answer this question right now. But since I don’t have a vision, I’ll work on the money.

    Today Earned: $54

    Total Earned: $58.23

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