To 1 million

    I’ve never told you guys what I do. Currently, I’m working as a server in a sushi restaurant. It’s been about 2 weeks since I started. Tips and everything start out lower when you first start so I have no idea how much I made.

    I worked 5.65 hours (5 hours and 39min) today. At roughly $18, I’ve made $101.70. While it’s good money, I need a different revenue stream to get to my goal of $1 million. I have some ideas. Ideas I’ve never tried because I was scared, anxious about the unknown, the failure but with support from you guys I’ll be trying them one by one and see if any of my ideas will come to fruition.

    I have my friend flying in tomorrow for the weekend, so the $100 I’ve earned will probably just be used right away to hang out.

    Today Earned : $101.70

    Total: $70.95

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