Day 1 – Welcome to the first post.

    To 1 million

    This is the first post of my little project “To 1 million.” Title is rough and I’ll change it but, for now, it gets the meaning through.

    One of my favorite activities to do on my free time is to watch people. During my coffee breaks, waiting for the bus, sitting down on a bench in the mall. With YouTube and Twitch, my hobby just gets easier to do. However, there was one type of people I wanted to watch but never knew how I could: successful people during their youth, before any of their success existed.

    Thanks to podcasts like “Startup” and “My First Million” I’ve gotten a glimpse of them. These podcasts didn’t really get me the details I craved for though. I wanted the wirings, source codes. I wanted to know exactly how they got there and what they had to do to get there. “There” being the Emperor of France, Prime Minister of England, President of the United States, richest man alive, greatest salesman, an artist, a founder. Luckily, earlier this year I discovered a podcast named “Founders.” It had so much information I didn’t know existed.

    After listening to hundreds of episodes (I’ve had nearly 7 years’ worth to listen to) and reading some of the biographies, I wanted my own book. I wanted to part of that world. I wanted my own story.

    But when I asked myself “How?” I was still just as clueless as before. Then I decided to simplify the process. $1 Million. The big bucks. The green light.

    Now in 2023, $1 million isn’t the same as before when monthly wages were few bucks. Especially living in LA where seemingly all houses cost $1 million. But it’s still very iconic, very large sum of money, and sum I don’t have.

    I thought on my journey to making 1 million dollars would serve up as my origin story. And if I do become something others have a clear idea of how I‘ve done it.

    Starting from today, I’ll be writing down how much I’ve made, how I made it, and how much I spent every day.

    September 26, 2023:

    • Bought 2 orders of the Popeyes Tuesday special: -$6.55.

    Total Earned: -$6.55

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