To 1 million

    During my days off I get lazy with blogs. I think it’s because I don’t know when to go to bed and I forget to write, as compared to the days I work, I like to end my day with the blog.

    Reading back on my last post, I feel ashamed because for the positivity I’ve written I didn’t commit to any of it except the breakfast. I have been saving up and not eating out at all. Starting today I have gone to the gym. I didn’t go for the two days prior.

    I think Sunday 29th was my best day. The past two days were just resting days so I could commit. Today, I’ll commit to my schedule more like I wrote.

    Work is getting tiring. Knowing that I’m only getting 75% tip feels like shit. I know I’m one of the hardest workers because I see so many just slacking off. They also joke around about how to look like working. But they get more money than I. Only good thing is that I’m getting my walks in.

    Today I’ll hit the gym when I wake up and get some editing done on a paper.

    Today Earned: $99.18

    Total Earned: $1,359.81

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